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Society of Phenomenology and the Human Sciences (SPHS), 2023 Annual Meeting

St. Louis, 12 - 14 January 2023

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Content of Submissions
SPHS encourages the application of phenomenological methodology to specificinvestigations within the human and social sciences. You are invited to participate in ourengagement of phenomenology with multidisciplinary approaches to the social and humansciences. We are looking for those who share our dedication to theoretical, methodical andpractical examinations
of the Life-World. We welcome submissions on all topics within thehuman and social sciences concerned with a reflective appreciation of the nature ofexperience. SPHS invites submissions for conference presentations that explore or applyqualitative approaches to the human and social sciences. Papers can engage any relevantaspect of the human sciences in general, and can focus on specific fields such associology, psychology, political science, anthropology, geography, communication, history,ecology, religion, cultural studies, ethnic/race/gender studies, medical/health sciences,and education. Submissions on all topics are welcome, though we especially encouragepapers that advance dialogue between philosophy and the human sciences, address therelation between theory and practice, focus on embodiment or present
reflectiveinvestigations on the nature of experience in general. Papers should bear substantiverelation to phenomenology, broadly conceived, or its kindred traditions. In addition tophenomenology, examples of methods and approaches relevant to the conference includeexistentialism, hermeneutics, critical theory, ethnography, ethnomethodology, semiotics,grounded theory, poststructuralism, and deconstruction.
Forms of Submissions
Presentations may take the form of individual papers, panels, or workshops. If submitting anindividual paper, final papers are preferred, but extended abstracts will be accepted aswell. For panels, submit a proposal of less than 1500 words including individual abstracts,titles, and contact information for each presentation. For workshops, submit a full abstractof less than 500 words with a list of all participants and their contact information. To beconsidered all presentation proposals must include names, paper titles, and full contactinformation including emails, affiliations, and separate abstracts for all presenters. Keepsubmissions at a length appropriate for a presentation of
20 minutes. Graduate andundergraduate students are encouraged to submit their work. Please identify studentproposals as such, indicating school, area of major study, and level (graduate or undergraduate). Submissions should be sent electronically as either a MS Word documentor PDF file. For all submissions, please include a separate cover sheet with completecontact information, including email address, postal address, and telephone numbers.Authors whose submissions are provisionally accepted must become members of SPHSbefore acceptance is confirmed.
Submission deadline: Oct. 30, 2022
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