Design research for social scientists

reading instructions for this issue

Caroline Hummels, Ilpo Koskinen

pp. 11-17

This issue explores an issue little known for most social scientists, design research. More specifically, it explores the more technical end of design research, research conducted in industrial design programs in leading art and design universities, technical universities, and software research programs. Unsurprisingly, most papers have a North American and Northern European origin, reflecting not just the traditional location of the design intensive industries, but also the spatial location of design-related activities in information technology industries. Design is a growing occupation. Also, design education is growing.

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DOI: 10.1007/s12130-007-9004-x

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Hummels, C. , Koskinen, I. (2007). Design research for social scientists: reading instructions for this issue. Knowledge, Technology & Policy 20 (1), pp. 11-17.

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