(2017) Human Studies 40 (4).

Beyond rational order

shifting the meaning of trust in organizational research

Tone B. Eikeland , Tone Saevi

pp. 603-636

Trust is a key term in social sciences and organizational research. Trust as well is a term that originates from and speaks to our human relational experience. The first part of the paper explores trust as it is interpreted within contemporary sociology and organizational research, and systematically questions five basic assumptions underlying the interpretation of trust in organizational research. The last part of the paper reviews selected phenomenological methodological studies of trust in work life situations, in a quest for how experiential trust can emerge and be studied in professional organizations. We suggest looking for the "in-betweens" or spaces of possibilities within organizational structures, roles and tasks for emerging, experiential trust.

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DOI: 10.1007/s10746-017-9428-6

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Eikeland, T. B. , Saevi, T. (2017). Beyond rational order: shifting the meaning of trust in organizational research. Human Studies 40 (4), pp. 603-636.

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