A paradigm shift in Heidegger research

Thomas Sheehan

pp. 183-202

The Beiträge zur Philosophie mandates a paradigm shift in Heidegger scholarship. In the face of (1) widespread disarray in the current model, the new paradigm (2) abandons "Sein" as a name for die Sache selbst, (3) understands Welt/Lichtung/Da as that which "gives" being, (4) interprets Dasein as apriori openedness rather than as "being-there," (5) understands the Kehre as the interface of Geworfenheit and Entwurf, not as a shift in Heidegger's thinking, (6) interprets Ereignis as the opening of the Da rather than as "appropriation," and (7) understands human finitude as what gives all forms of being and all epochs in the history of being. The conclusion alludes to the function of Mitdasein ("co-openness") as die Sache selbst.

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DOI: 10.1023/A:1017568025461

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Sheehan, T. (2001). A paradigm shift in Heidegger research. Continental Philosophy Review 34 (2), pp. 183-202.

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