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Recent Results in Cancer Research
vol. 197


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Ute Goerling

Psycho-oncology is a thriving discipline in cancer care, and numerous research activities have been undertaken in the endeavour to improve treatment outcomes and to gain a better understanding of the psychosocial consequences of cancer.
This book presents and discusses the latest findings from science and practice for a broad range of psychological and social issues related to cancer and its treatments. Not only are general psychosocial impacts of cancer described, but the very common fear of progression is elucidated. Therelevance of psycho-oncology at different stages of disease (during oncological treatment, in rehabilitation, and during palliative care) is explained, and various psycho-oncological interventions are illustrated. Other important topics are the experience of being a cancer survivor, who may be cured but not be healthy, the psychological burden on relatives, and gender differences in coping with cancer. Quality of life and patient-reported outcomes are also commented on since they are among the key benchmarks for successful coping with the diagnosis of cancer, its treatment, and its late effects.The chapters are written by distinguished scientists, however as we often learn most from those affected by cancer one author speaks for herself as a patient.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-40187-9

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Goerling, U. (ed) (2014). Psycho-oncology, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents

Psychosocial impact of cancer

Singer Susanne


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Fear of progression

Herschbach Peter; Dinkel Andreas


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Gender opportunities in psychosocial oncology

Loscalzo Matthew; Clark Karen


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Garcia-Prieto Patricia


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The oncological patient in the palliative situation

Eychmueller Steffen; Zwahlen Diana; Fliedner Monica


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Rehabilitation for cancer patients

Weis Joachim; Giesler Jürgen M.


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Cancer survivorship in adults

Kiserud Cecilie E.; Dahl Alv A.; Håvard Loge Jon; Fosså Sophie D.


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Quality of life in oncology

Goerling Ute


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