Springer, Dordrecht


274 Pages

ISBN 978-3-319-96273-3

Outstanding Contributions to Logic
vol. 9

Hilary Putnam on logic and mathematics

Edited by

Geoffrey Hellman, Roy T. Cook

This book explores the research of Professor Hilary Putnam, a Harvard professor as well as a leading philosopher, mathematician and computer scientist. It features the work of distinguished scholars in the field as well as a selection of young academics who have studied topics closely connected to Putnam's work.

It includes 12 papers that analyze, develop, and constructively criticize this notable professor's research in mathematical logic, the philosophy of logic and the philosophy of mathematics. In addition, it features a shortessay presenting reminiscences and anecdotes about Putnam from his friends and colleagues, and also includes an extensive bibliography of his work in mathematics and logic.

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Hellman, G. , Cook, R. T. (eds) (2018). Hilary Putnam on logic and mathematics, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents

Memories of Hilary Putnam

Cook Roy T.; Hellman Geoffrey


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Extendability and paradox

Hellman Geoffrey; Cook Roy T.


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Normativity and mechanism

McCarthy Timothy


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Changing the subject

Shapiro Stewart


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Putnam on foundations

Burgess John P.


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Pragmatic platonism

Davis Martin


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Abstraction, axiomatization and rigor

Detlefsen Michael


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Concrete mathematical incompleteness

Friedman Harvey M.


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Putnam's constructivization argument

Kanamori Akihiro


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Putnam on mathematics as modal logic

Linnebo Øystein


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