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632 Pages

ISBN 978-3-319-62863-9

Outstanding Contributions to Logic
vol. 12

Jaakko Hintikka on knowledge and game-theoretical semantics

Edited by

Hans van Ditmarsch, Paul-Gabriel Sandu

This book focuses on the game-theoretical semantics and epistemic logic of Jaakko Hintikka. Hintikka was a prodigious and esteemed philosopher and logician, and his death in August 2015 was a huge loss to the philosophical community. This book, whose chapters have been in preparation for several years, is dedicated to the work of Jaako Hintikka, and to his memory.This edited volume consists of 23 contributions from leading logicians and philosophers, who discuss themes that span across the entire range of Hintikka’scareer. Semantic Representationalism, Logical Dialogues, Knowledge and Epistemic logic are among some of the topics covered in this book's chapters.The book should appeal to students, scholars and teachers who wish to explore the philosophy of Jaako Hintikka.

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van Ditmarsch, H. , Sandu, P.-G. (eds) (2018). Jaakko Hintikka on knowledge and game-theoretical semantics, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents

From pictures to semantical games

Acero Juan José


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Is natural semantics possible?

Almog Joseph


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Group knowledge in interrogative epistemology

Baltag A.; Boddy R.; Smets S.


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Known unknowns

Ben-Zvi Ido; Moses Yoram


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Seeing is believing

Bolander Thomas


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Playing cards with Hintikka

van Ditmarsch Hans; Kooi Barteld


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On semantic games for Łukasiewicz logic

Fermüller Christian G.; Majer Ondrej


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Frápolli María J.; Villanueva Neftalí


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Dynamic logics of imperfect information

Galliani Pietro


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Hintikka's knowledge and belief in flux

Hendricks Vincent F.; Rendsvig Rasmus K


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Possible worlds semantics based on observation and communication

Herzig Andreas; Lorini Emiliano; Maffre Faustine


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Knowledge, time, and paradox

Holliday Wesley H.


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The proof theory of common knowledge

Marti Michel; Studer Thomas


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Beyond knowing that

Wang Yanjing


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