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ISBN 978-1-137-49615-7

Communicating in Professions and Organizations

Talking at work

corpus-based explorations of workplace discourse

Edited by

Lucy Pickering, Eric Friginal, Shelley Staples

This book offers original corpus research in a range of workplace contexts including office-based settings, call center interactions and healthcare communication. Chapters in this edited volume bring together leading scholars in the field of corpus analysis in workplace discourse and include data from multiple corpora. Employing a range of qualitative and quantitative analytic approaches including Conversation Analysis, Linguistic Profiling and Register Analysis, the book introduces unique specialized corpus data in the areas of Augmentative and Alternative Communication, nursing, and cross-culturalcommunication, among others.Lucy Pickering is Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics & TESOL and Director of the Applied Linguistics Laboratory in Texas A&M University–Commerce, USA.  Her research interests focus on discourse analysis, prosody, SLA and corpus research.Eric Friginal is an Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics and Director of International Programs at Georgia State University, College of Arts and Sciences, USA. His recent book, Corpus-Based Sociolinguistics: A Guide for Students (2014) is co-authored with his doctoral student Jack A. Hardy.Shelley Staples is Assistant Professor of English Applied Linguistics/SLAT at University of Arizona, USA. Her research focuses on corpus analyses of specialized spoken and written registers, particularly for applications to health care communication. She recently published The Discourse of Nurse-Patient Interactions (2015). 

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Pickering, L. , Friginal, E. , Staples, S. (eds) (2016). Talking at work: corpus-based explorations of workplace discourse, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke.

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