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New Frontiers in Translation Studies

Rereading Schleiermacher

translation, cognition and culture

Edited by

Teresa Seruya

This book celebrates the bicentenary of Schleiermacher’s famous Berlin conference "On the Different Methods of Translating" (1813). It is the product of an international Call for Papers that welcomed scholars from many international universities, inviting them to discuss and illuminate the theoretical and practical reception of a text that is not only arguably canonical for the history and theory of translation, but which has moreover never ceased to be present both in theoretical and applied Translation Studies and remains amandatory part of translator training. A further reason for initiating this project was the fact that the German philosopher and theologian Friedrich Schleiermacher, though often cited in Translation Studies up to the present day, was never studied in terms of his real impact on different domains of translation, literature and culture.

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Seruya, T. (ed) (2016). Rereading Schleiermacher: translation, cognition and culture, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents

Friedrich Schleiermacher

Miranda Justo José


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From Jerome to Schleiermacher?

Kitzbichler Josefine


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(Un)folding the meaning

Quinci Carla


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Language conception and translation

Oliveira Paulo


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Der hermeneutische Akt des Übersetzens

von Hoff Dagmar


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Translational ethics from a cognitive perspective

Chou Isabelle C.; Li Defeng; He Yuanjian


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How translations function

Szymanska Kasia


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Translators and publishers

Almeida e Pinho Jorge


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Je suis un autre

Lopes Alexandra


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"It's deeper than that"

Brodie Geraldine


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Translating into Galician, a minor language

Rodríguez Rodríguez Beatriz Maria


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Foreignization and domestication

Ožbot Martina


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Creativity and alterity in film translation

Şerban Adriana; Cercel Larisa


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