Springer, Dordrecht


185 Pages

ISBN 978-3-319-71185-0

Nordic Wittgenstein Studies
vol. 3

New essays on Frege

between science and literature

Edited by

Gisela Bengtsson, Simo Säätelä, Alois Pichler

This volume collects nine essays that investigate the work of Gottlob Frege. The contributors address Frege's work in relation to literature and fiction (Dichtung), the humanities (Geisteswissenschaften), and science (Wissenschaft). Overall, the essays consider internal connections between different aspects of Frege's work while acknowledging the importance of its philosophical context.

There are also further common strands between the papers, such as the relation between Frege's and Wittgenstein's approaches to philosophical investigations, the relation between Frege and Kant, and the place ofFrege's work in the philosophical landscape more generally. The volume is therefore of direct relevance to several current debates in philosophy in general, in addition to Frege and Wittgenstein research in particular.

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Bengtsson, G. , Säätelä, S. , Pichler, A. (eds) (2018). New essays on Frege: between science and literature, Springer, Dordrecht.

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Bengtsson Gisela


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Science and fiction

Gabriel Gottfried


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Frege's unquestioned starting point

Alnes Jan Harald


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Frege's critique of formalism

Stenlund Sören


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Frege on Dichtung and elucidation

Bengtsson Gisela


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Venturinha Nuno


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