Juízo, ser e reflexão

Hölderlin leitor de Fichte

João Geraldo Martins

The theme of "unity" seems to have been one of the central keys both to the convergence and complete rupture between Romanticism and Fichte’s philosophy. In this paper, I will explore one of the aspects of this subject from a well-defined and specific perspective, which requires the reconstruction (1) in its more general outlines, of the conception of judgment carried out by the Grundlage of 1794-5; and (2) of the critique addressed to Fichte’s project that is outlined in a fragment, known as "Judgment and Being", written by Hölderlin – who, although not exactly a "Romantic", takes a position, from my point of view, quite emblematic in regard to the dialog Fichte establishes with the Romantics strictu sensu.

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Geraldo Martins, J. (2013). Juízo, ser e reflexão: Hölderlin leitor de Fichte. Revista de estud(i)os sobre Fichte 6, pp. n/a.

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