El carácter visual fundamental de todo conocimiento

Teoría de la imagen y teoría perspectivista en Fichte

Christoph Asmuth

In this paper I want to critically analyze from the background of the problem of perspectivism and pluralism Fichte’s theory of knowledge. I will focus on Fichte’s theory of worldviews, developed in The Way Towards the Blessed Life (1806) and on the versions from 1794 and 1805 of his doctrine of knowledge. I will argue that Fichte’s doctrine of knowledge is a theory of the image and consists in a transcendental-philosophical constructivism. I will also claim that the doctrine of knowledge is not a theory about the real origin of the real world, but a philosophy that investigates the conditions of possibility for knowledge and action. As a conclusion I will show that my interpretation of Fichte’s philosophy as a constructivist theory of image enables a better understanding of Novalis’ reception of Fichte’s philosophy.

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Asmuth, C. (2013). El carácter visual fundamental de todo conocimiento: Teoría de la imagen y teoría perspectivista en Fichte. Revista de estud(i)os sobre Fichte 6, pp. n/a.

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