La cineteca di Babele

Per una nuova ontologia del film

Enrico Terrone

pp. 97-115

Moving from a cinematic reinterpretation of Borges’s Library of Babel, I attempt to provide a new answer to the old ontological question: “What kind of being is a film?”. This answer, which takes into account the coming of digital era, is developed through a comparison with Carroll’s philosophy of motion pictures. While discussing, criticizing and trying to complete his theory, I will examine the concept of a film under four different aspects: as a material object, as an ideal object, as a mental object, and as a social object. Finally, our ontology of film will be applied to clarify some traditional theoretical dualisms: i.e. film vs. reality, film vs. narration, film vs. discourse, film vs. art.

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DOI: 10.4000/estetica.1841

Full citation:

Terrone, E. (2009). La cineteca di Babele: Per una nuova ontologia del film. Rivista di estetica 42, pp. 97-115.

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