Noi e loro. Un approccio comunicativo

Pier Luigi Lecis

pp. 65-85

In this essay I examine the figure of the Other according to the theory of communicative action. I will not consider the contrast between Habermas and post-modern criticism in the lessons Der philosophische Diskurs der Moderne. I will instead analyse, in the first part, the German philosopher’s stance on the contrast between Putnam and Rorty as regards ethnocentrism and relativism, focusing on the essays contained in the collection Nachmetaphysiches Denken. In the second part I will examine subsequent writings in order to show how this thesis developed to furnish an adequate theoretical account of radical cultural conflicts. On developing the concepts of Lebenswelt, Lernen, Dezentralisierung and Inklusivität, the theory of communicative reason comes to argue the functional nature of the bounds between us and the others.

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DOI: 10.4000/estetica.826

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Lecis, P. (2014). Noi e loro. Un approccio comunicativo. Rivista di estetica 56, pp. 65-85.

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