(2011) Axiomathes 21 (2).

The quantum structure of knowledge

Michel Bitbol

pp. 357-371

This paper analyzes how conflicts of perspective are resolved in the field of the human sciences. Examples of such conflicts are the duality between the actor and spectator standpoints, or the duality of participancy between a form of social life and a socio-anthropological study of it. This type of duality look irreducible, because the conflicting positions express incompatible interests. Yet, the claim of "incommensurability" is excessive. There exists a level of mental activity at which dialogue and resolution are possible. Reaching this level only implies that one comes back to a state of undetermination between situations and interests whose best model is a superposition of states in generalized quantum theory. Some applications of this strategy of going back below the point of "state reduction", from the psychology of perception to the history of civilization, are presented.

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Bitbol, M. (2011). The quantum structure of knowledge. Axiomathes 21 (2), pp. 357-371.

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