(2011) Axiomathes 21 (2).

Non-classical correlations in bistable perception?

Thomas Filk

pp. 221-232

A violation of Bell's inequalities is generally considered to be the Holy Grail of experimental proof that a specific natural phenomenon cannot be explained in a classical framework and is based on a non-boolean structure of predications. Generalized quantum theory allows for such non-boolean predications. We formulate temporal Bell's inequalities for cognitive two-state systems and indicate how these inequalities can be tested. This will introduce the notion of temporally non-local measurements. The Necker-Zeno model for bistable perception predicts a violation of these temporal Bell's inequalities.

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Filk, T. (2011). Non-classical correlations in bistable perception?. Axiomathes 21 (2), pp. 221-232.

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