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Alfred Schutz

reciprocity, alterity, and participative citizenry

Michael Barber

pp. 415-435

Alfred Schutz was born in Vienna in 1899 to Alfred and Johanna Schutz, and when Schutz's father died before his birth, Johanna married Otto Schutz, his father's brother. Schutz maintained very close relationships with both his parents throughout his life. He attended the Esterhazy Gymnasium in Vienna, and with the outbreak of World War I, served with the Austrian artillery divisions. Upon returning to a dispirited Vienna, he studied law and the social sciences at the University of Vienna and business at the Viennese Academy of International Trade, graduating with his law degree in 1921. He did postgraduate research in international law, sociology, economics, and philosophy under Hans Kelsen and Ludwig von Mises. In Mises's seminar, Schutz formed lifetime friendships with Friedrich Hayek, Felix Kaufmann, Fritz Machlup, and Eric Voegelin.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-94-015-9924-5_21

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Barber, M. (2002). Alfred Schutz: reciprocity, alterity, and participative citizenry, in Phenomenological approaches to moral philosophy, Dordrecht, Springer, pp. 415-435.

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