(2008) Human Studies 31 (2).

Reporting an exemplary life as a participating citizen,

Martin Endreß

pp. 229-232

“The everyday life of the quintessential philosopher of everyday life remained anonymous” (p. xi). This conviction is the starting point of Barber’s Schutz biography. Barber shows Schutz as a sensitive man, in touch with his past and his memories, and continually open to the experience of beauty, whether in art or in nature (p. 151). This new biography truly reflects the expansive presence and influence of Schutz’s thought in the social sciences.

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DOI: 10.1007/s10746-008-9086-9

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Endreß, M. (2008). Review of Reporting an exemplary life as a participating citizen,. Human Studies 31 (2), pp. 229-232.

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