(2008) Human Studies 31 (2).

Developing feminist conversation analysis

a response to Wowk

Celia Kitzinger

pp. 179-208

This paper responds to Maria Wowk's (Human Studies, 30, 131–155, 2007) critique of "Kitzinger's feminist conversation analysis", corrects her misrepresentation of it, and rebuts her claim to have cast doubt on whether it is "genuinely identifiable" as conversation analysis (CA). More broadly, it uses Wowk's critique as a springboard for continuing the development of feminist conversation analysis through: (i) discussion of appropriate methods of data collection and analysis; (ii) clarification of CA's turn-taking model and an illustrative deployment of it in the analysis of a single case and of a collection (of if/then compound TCUs); (iii) exposition of a feminist CA understanding of "participants' orientations", and of the relevance of the distinction between participants' and analysts' orientations for feminist work. Finally, I suggest that feminist work in CA makes important contributions to the development of CA as a discipline.

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DOI: 10.1007/s10746-008-9088-7

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Kitzinger, C. (2008). Developing feminist conversation analysis: a response to Wowk. Human Studies 31 (2), pp. 179-208.

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