(2008) Human Studies 31 (2).

A continuing dialogue with Alfred Schutz

Hisashi Nasu

pp. 87-105

Let me begin by describing my encounter and connection with the work of Alfred Schutz.1 I discovered his work during the preparation for my master’s thesis on Max Weber’s verstehende Soziologie, submitted to the Graduate School of Waseda University in 1976. Before then, the name of Alfred Schutz had not found a place in my memory. Until 1976, there was just a little Japanese paper on Schutz (cf. Website of the Schutz Archives in Waseda University. http://www.waseda.jp/Schutz). When I discovered the first edition of his masterpiece, Der sinnhafte Aufbau der sozialen Welt (Schutz 1932), in our University library, I took it out, read it as carefully as possible, and realized that it was very important and relevant to my research project for a master’s thesis. I could not, however, deal with it at that time, because Schutz’s studies in this book, especially in its Chapter 2, were so fundamental, elaborate, and ingenious that I had no confidence that I could...

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DOI: 10.1007/s10746-008-9080-2

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Nasu, H. (2008). A continuing dialogue with Alfred Schutz. Human Studies 31 (2), pp. 87-105.

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