(2016) Human Studies 39 (3).

Kurt H. Wolff and Italy

tracing the steps of an elusive spirit on his journey home

Onorina del Vecchio

pp. 433-450

This article traces Kurt H. Wolff's involvement with Italy, from his first sojourn in the 1930s as a German Jewish intellectual in exile to the end of his life. Wolff developed profound ties with the country that hosted him, and that he was forced to abandon once racial laws were introduced there on the eve of World War II. Nonetheless, throughout his life he regarded Italy as an elective homeland of sorts. Wolff's Italian experience is revisited through a detailed examination of the places where he resided, his activities as a student, teacher, and scholar, and the many individuals with whom he associated, many of whom became his lifelong friends and collaborators. The documentary evidence collected here includes unpublished conversations with some of Wolff's Italian connections and serves for a consideration of how his ties to Italy had an impact on the development of his sociological and esthetic theories.

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DOI: 10.1007/s10746-015-9348-2

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del Vecchio, O. (2016). Kurt H. Wolff and Italy: tracing the steps of an elusive spirit on his journey home. Human Studies 39 (3), pp. 433-450.

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