Honneth, Kojeve and Levinas on intersubjectivity and history

Terence Holden

pp. 349-369

I explore some of the challenges involved in establishing the intersubjective dynamic as the foundation for a normatively charged philosophy of history. I seek in addition to highlight the value of Levinas' work for the field of recognition studies. Levinas in effect offers a transitional model of recognition between Kojeve and Honneth, and as such his work harbors the potential for addressing some of the difficulties which beset the work of both when it comes to formulating an understanding of recognition which is capable of explaining historical transformation and of serving as a standard for the critique of historical practices.

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DOI: 10.1007/s11007-015-9345-1

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Holden, T. (2016). Honneth, Kojeve and Levinas on intersubjectivity and history. Continental Philosophy Review 49 (3), pp. 349-369.

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