T. Sparrow, The end of phenomenology

Denis Džanić

pp. 559-565

Any book bold enough to announce in its title the end of an entire philosophical tradition is bound to draw attention to itself, as well as raise a few eyebrows of those who perceive their own work as being within, or part of, that tradition. This is especially true if the tradition in question is phenomenology, which still enjoys the status of being a rich, lively, and fertile ground for philosophical research. Its stature, especially in so-called continental philosophy, also means that it represents an unavoidable point of reference even for those philosophers who are looking to place and develop their thought wholly outside of, or beyond, phenomenology. This is the background of Tom Sparrow’s The End of Phenomenology: Metaphysics and the New Realism.

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Review of: Sparrow Tom, The end of phenomenology: Metaphysics and the new realism, Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, 2014.

DOI: 10.1007/s11007-016-9399-8

Full citation:

Džanić, D. (2016). Review of The end of phenomenology by Tom Sparrow. Continental Philosophy Review 49 (4), pp. 559-565.

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