From the they to the we

Heideggerian antonomology

Christophe Perrin

pp. 417-444

This paper argues that there exists a Heideggerian antonomology and this not only in the broad sense of a simple study (λόγος), but also in the strict sense of a full doctrine (-λογία) of personal pronouns (ντωνυμία). Traversing the whole of Heidegger's work, I reconstitute the framework of this antonomology, from the connection of mineness and ipseity, to the difference between the I and the Self within the precedence of the latter over the former. I then rehearse its drama, from the They who answers the question of the who of Dasein to the We who asks the question of the who of man.

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DOI: 10.1007/s11007-016-9370-8

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Perrin, C. (2016). From the they to the we: Heideggerian antonomology. Continental Philosophy Review 49 (4), pp. 417-444.

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