Bloomsbury Academic, London


256 Pages

ISBN 9781350008175

Ethical experience

a phenomenology

Edited by

Nicolle Zapien, Susi Ferrarello

Ethical Experience provides a unique phenomenological dialogue between psychology and philosophy. This novel approach focuses on lived experiences that belong to daily practical life, such self-identity and ethical decision-making. This practical focus enables the reader to explore how ethics relates to psychology and how the ethical agent determines herself within her surrounding community and world. Using Husserl's ethics the authors present a phenomenological approach moral psychology that offers an alternative to cognitive and neuroscientific theories. This is a practical and theoretically rigoroustextbook that will be of use to those researching and studying ethics, morality, psychology and religion.

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Zapien, N. , Ferrarello, S. (eds) (2018). Ethical experience: a phenomenology, Bloomsbury Academic, London.

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