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"Not all academics can do it"

Barbara M. Grant

pp. 279-296

I said [to this colleague], "it's not like supervising Pākehā students. Right from the start, if [this student] gets this doctorate, it will make a difference to not just him, but his whole hapū (local kinship group), his whole iwi hapū (extended kinship group) probably, "cause they"ll be standing up there … they"ll have all these views.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-94-6209-317-1_23

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Grant, B. M. (2013)., "Not all academics can do it", in A. Engels-Schwarzpaul & M. A. Peters (eds.), Of other thoughts: non-traditional ways to the doctorate, Rotterdam, SensePublishers, pp. 279-296.

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