Why theories of causality need production

an information transmission account

Phyllis McKay Illari

pp. 95-114

In this paper, I examine the comparatively neglected intuition of production regarding causality. I begin by examining the weaknesses of current production accounts of causality. I then distinguish between giving a good production account of causality and a good account of production. I argue that an account of production is needed to make sense of vital practices in causal inference. Finally, I offer an information transmission account of production based on John Collier's work that solves the primary weaknesses of current production accounts: applicability and absences.

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DOI: 10.1007/s13347-010-0006-3

Full citation:

McKay Illari, P. (2011). Why theories of causality need production: an information transmission account. Philosophy & Technology 24 (2), pp. 95-114.

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