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512 Pages

ISBN 978-94-007-5844-5

The Philosophy of Science in a European Perspective
vol. 4

New challenges to philosophy of science

Edited by

Hanne Andersen , Dennis Dieks , Thomas Uebel , Wenceslao J. González , Gregory Wheeler

This volume is a serious attempt to open up the subject of European philosophy of science to real thought, and provide the structural basis for the interdisciplinary development of its specialist fields, but also to provoke reflection on the idea of ‘European philosophy of science’. This efforts should foster a contemporaneous reflection on what might be meant by philosophy of science in Europe and European philosophy of science, and how in fact awareness of it could assist philosophers interpret andmotivate their research through a stronger collective identity. The overarching aim is to set the background for a collaborative project organising, systematising, and ultimately forging an identity for, European philosophy of science by creating research structures and developing research networks across Europe to promote its development.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-94-007-5845-2

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Andersen, H. , Dieks, D. , Uebel, T. , González, W. J. , Wheeler, G. (eds) (2013). New challenges to philosophy of science, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents

Computing with mathematical arguments

Alama Jesse; Kahle Reinhard


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Probabilistic logics in quantum computation

Freytes Hector; Ledda Antonio; Sergioli Giuseppe; Giuntini Roberto


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Mathematical philosophy?

Horsten Leon


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Reasoning about quantum actions

Smets Sonja


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Simulation and system understanding

Gramelsberger Gabriele


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From molecules to networks

Bechtel William


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Idealization in economics modeling

Portides Demetris


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The status of library science

Siitonen Arto


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The sciences of design as sciences of complexity

González Wenceslao J.


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Neglected history

Ferrari Massimo


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Philosophy of design research

Kuipers Theo A.


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Philosophy of medicine and model design

Campaner Raffaella


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Probabilistic forecasting

Frigg Roman


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