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(2016) Modern logic 1850-1950, East and West, Basel, Birkhäuser.


Francine F. Abeles , Mark E Fuller

pp. 1-4

This volume of Logica Universalis honors the memory of Irving H. Anellis (1946–2013). Irving's interests in logic, mathematics, and their history were both wide and deep. In Mathematical Logic and Set Theory he specialized in meta-mathematics, proof theory, set-theoretic foundations of analysis and number theory, universal algebra (especially Boolean algebra and algebraic logic), and foundations of group theory.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-24756-4_1

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Abeles, F. F. , Fuller, M.E. (2016)., Introduction, in F. F. Abeles & M. E. Fuller (eds.), Modern logic 1850-1950, East and West, Basel, Birkhäuser, pp. 1-4.

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