(2011) Axiomathes 21 (2).

Bridging the gap

does closure to efficient causation entail quantum-like attributes?

José Raúl Naranjo

pp. 315-330

This paper explores the similarities between the conceptual structure of quantum theory and relational biology as developed within the Rashevsky-Rosen-Louie school of theoretical biology. With this aim, generalized quantum theory and the abstract formalism of (M,R)-systems are briefly presented. In particular, the notion of organizational invariance and relational identity are formalized mathematically and a particular example is given. Several quantum-like attributes of Rosen's complex systems such as complementarity and nonseparability are discussed. Taken together, this work emphasizes the possible role of self-referentiality and impredicativity in quantum theory.

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Raúl Naranjo, J. (2011). Bridging the gap: does closure to efficient causation entail quantum-like attributes?. Axiomathes 21 (2), pp. 315-330.

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