(2011) Axiomathes 21 (3).

Kinetic models of (m-r)-systems

J. A. Prideaux

pp. 373-392

Kinetic models using enzyme kinetics are developed for the three ways that Louie proved that Rosen's minimal (M-R)-System can be closed to efficient cause; i.e., how the "replication" component can itself be entailed from within the system. The kinetic models are developed using the techniques of network thermodynamics. As a demonstration, each model is simulated using a SPICE circuit simulator using arbitrarily chosen rate constants. The models are built from SPICE sub-circuits representing the key terms in the chemical rate equations. The models include the addition of an ad hoc semi-permeable membrane so the system can achieve steady state fluxes and also to illustrate the need for all the efficient cause agents to be continually replaced. Comments are made about exactly what is being simulated.

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Prideaux, J. A. (2011). Kinetic models of (m-r)-systems. Axiomathes 21 (3), pp. 373-392.

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