M. Sohn, The good of recognition

Sean Lawrence

pp. 555-557

Michael Sohn’s The Good of Recognitionrelates the philosophies of Emmanuel Levinas and Paul Ricoeur. Sohn does not flatter himself with writing back to either philosopher or extending their philosophies, never mind correcting them. Rather, his approach is to describe and summarize the works of both with reference to a particular problem, or rather to a set of problems: How does each thinker understand the good of recognition, how does this understanding intersect with his other intellectual engagements, and how does each thinker’s understandings of the good of recognition relate to the other’s? The summary is organized into four parts, each treating either the philosophical or religious thought of one of the philosophers. Sohn begins with Levinas, and specifically his response to Edmund Husserl, whose philosophy Levinas is widely credited with introducing into France.

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DOI: 10.1007/s11007-016-9401-5

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Lawrence, S. (2016). Review of M. Sohn, The good of recognition. Continental Philosophy Review 49 (4), pp. 555-557.

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