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Environmental & Architectural Phenomenology

Vol. 26 (1)

Edited by

David Seamon

Published two times a year, EAP is a forum and clearing house for research and design that incorporate a qualitative approach to environmental and architectural experience and meaning. One key concern of EAP is design, education, and policy supporting and enhancing natural and built environments that are beautiful, alive, and humane. Realizing that a clear conceptual stance is integral to informed research and design, the editor emphasizes phenomenological approaches but also gives attention to related styles of qualitative research. EAP welcomesessays, letters, reviews, conference information, and so forth.

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Seamon, D. (ed) (2015). Environmental & Architectural Phenomenology 26 (1).

Table of Contents

[Review] V. mehta, the street

Mausner Claudia


Building home together

Aanstoos Christopher


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